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ID Date Ref Title
2883 16/06/2020 MBL105 Thinking of leasing a minibus for your school? We won’t hold you to any orders made during this uncertain time. VIEW
2881 12/06/2020 MBL104 Calling all childminders - easy and cost effective minibus leasing for you VIEW
2870 12/03/2020 MBL103 Lease the Ford Transit Custom Tourneo from £252.99/month - personal or business lease available. VIEW
2865 26/02/2020 MBL102 Lease the Peugeot Boxer - a minibus that can be drive on a normal driving licence. From under £392 a month. VIEW
2863 12/02/2020 MBL101 What are the benefits of a childminder leasing a minibus? Expert advice and leasing offers from MinibusLeasingUK. VIEW
2860 29/01/2020 MBL100 Order your new school minibus today - Ford Transit 12 and 17 seaters in stock in some colours VIEW
2854 04/12/2019 MBL99 Two minibus leasing offers to warm you up this winter - 9 seater and 17 seater Ford Transits VIEW
2850 21/11/2019 MBL98 Ford Transit Minibus leasing offers - IN STOCK for quick delivery VIEW
2844 23/10/2019 MBL97 Did you know that you can lease a minibus on a personal basis? Read more below and view our latest Minibus leasing offers. VIEW
2840 09/10/2019 MBL96 MinibusleasingUK - advising you on the best way to customise your leased minibus to meet your needs VIEW
Best Buy

Mercedes-Benz VITO TOURER L3 DIESEL FWD 114 CDI Pro 8-Seater

Mercedes-Benz VITO TOURER L3 DIESEL FWD 114 CDI Pro 8-Seater

Contract Hire: £291.99 +VAT pcm


Bluetooth & Cruise control

Available in 6-8 weeks

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