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Minibus Legislation

Complying with Minibus Legislation ...

It is vital to comply with all minibus legislation when driving a minibus. Research done prior to leasing a minibus can save time and problems later on. At Minibus Leasing UK we will be happy to discuss all the legislation with you. On this page you will find many of the key points needed to comply with minibus legislation. If you have any queries do not hesitate to call us on 01491 615516.

Government Minibus Legislation

Details of Minibus Legislation from government can be found at

This states that a person can drive a minibus if they fulfil all of the following:

  • The driver is 21 or older.
  • The driver has held a driving licence for at least 2 years.
  • The driver meets the ‘Group 2’ medical standards.
  • If the driver is over 70, they must check with their GP to ensure they meet the requirements.
  • The driver is a volunteer and the minibus is used for social purposes by a non-commercial organisation.
  • The maximum weight of the minibus is not more than 3.5 tonnes - or 4.25 tonnes including specialist equipment for disabled passengers, such as a wheelchair ramp
  • The minibus is not towing a trailer
  • If the driver is over 70 they must
    • Order a D2 application form
    • Download a D4 medical examination report which must be completed by a doctor

Minibus Legislation Permit - if you need to charge running costs

A minibus permit can be applied for if you need to charge passengers, as long as:

  1. The vehicle can carry between 9 and 16 passengers
  2. It is being driven for a voluntary organisation that benefits the community - for example an educational, religious or sports organisation
  3. The minibus service is only available for members of that organisation - not to the general public
  4. Any charges are to cover running costs and are not for profit
  5. The driver is 21 or older.

Minibus Legislation - Driving a minibus for profit

If you want to drive a minibus commercially, or if the above conditions don’t apply, you’ll need to apply for both a:

  1. Minibus provisional entitlement, also known as a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) licence
  2. Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operator licence

Minibus Legislation - Charity Commission

The Charity Commission gives guidelines on the requirements of registered charities in their use of minibuses. Read more here.

Are seat belts required in my minibus?

Since September 2006 the law requires all passengers to wear seat belts whilst travelling in a minibus regardless of the seating capacity or weight of the vehicle, unless a person is in possession of a medical exemption certificate.

Non compliance and Medical exemption certificates

Passengers who either hold a medical exemption certificate or choose not to wear a seat belt put themselves, other passengers and your driver at high risk. In an accident any unrestrained passenger could be thrown through the minibus with the equivalent force up to 3.5 tons, the actual weight of a minibus, and as a result kill another passenger or the driver.

In order to reduce this risk a policy will need to cover the event where a passenger refuses to wear a seat belt either through personal choice or medical exemption. In order to avoid any possible conflicts or difficult situations between drivers and passengers, a seat belt policy will need to be established, communicated to drivers, any assistants and agreed by passengers before the commencement of any journey.

Taking your Minibus outside the UK

Some types of minibus are allowed to be taken outside UK. These include IVAR/MR, SVAR/MR and FVMR types. COMN or CNMN minibuses are not allowed to be taken overseas.

Minibus Legislation – Speed Limits

The speed limits for minibuses can be different than for regular vehicles

Minibuses which are not more than 12 metres overall length must drive within the following speed limits

Built up areas30 mph (48 kph)
Single carriageways50 mph (80 kph)
Dual Carriageways60 mph (96 kph)
Motorways70 mph (112 kph)

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