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Minibus Leasing Options

Minibus Options and Specifications

When sourcing a new vehicle there are many minibus options to consider. At MinibusLeasingUK we can help you to define the needs for your new minibus. Careful consideration of the all the minibus options available helps you to get the vehicle you need. Contact us and talk to one of our account managers to discuss your needs.

Finance Minibus Options

The most popular option is a minibus lease.

Minibus Options – Customisation

There are a wide range of possible customization options available.


A tachometer can be one of the important minibus options top consider. A Tachograph is a device which measures driving distance, time and distance. The tachograph is a precise way of recording data to ensure the organisation complies with all Legislation.


Signwriting is one of the most popular minibus options. Many clients want people to know that the minibus is part of their organisation. It helps their brand and perceptions of what their organisation does. Schools, Universities, Charities and Care Homes all have their minibuses sign written. We can help you with the design of this and getting it done prior to delivery.

Chair Lift

Many charities and care organisations working with people who have special needs require a chair lift to be fitted. This is one the typical minibus options in these sectors. A chair lift lifts a wheelchair from ground level to the floor level of the minibus.

Tow Bar

A tow bar can be fitted as a minibus option, to tow a trailer. Care must be taken due to the extended length of the vehicle.


A set of steps can be fitted at the rear of a minibus. This is aimed at helping those people who would find it difficult to climb into the minibus, but who do not need to use a lift.

Specialised Accessories

There are a range of specialised minibus options available. Our experienced staff will guide you through the specification available.

Seating Minibus Options

The choice of minibus seating options includes 9 to 17. Please see our pages on the specific seating.

Manufacturer Minibus Options

Most of the manufacturer offer a range of minibus options. Please take a look at the various manufacturers’ details available on our minibus manufacturers page.

Best Buy

Vauxhall VIVARO-E LIFE ELECTRIC 100kW Combi L 50kWh 5dr Auto

Vauxhall VIVARO-E LIFE ELECTRIC 100kW Combi L 50kWh 5dr Auto

Contract Hire: £444.99 +VAT pcm


9 seater with a range of 141 miles

Available in 40 weeks


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