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Personal Minibus Leasing

Personal Minibus Leasing

Your new lease minibus in 3 easy steps ...

As an individual you can still lease a minibus. With a personal lease you can enjoy the benefits of a lease.

Many of our customers are sole traders and owner managed businesses, some are start ups and may not have the required business accounts history to secure a minibus lease through their company.

They're still our customers, so how does this work?

Well, what many people don't realise is that you can lease a minibus from on a personal basis, you don't have to lease it through your business.

Our friendly, expert team can talk you through all of the options but if you're browsing online and see a minibus that suits your needs, all you need to do is add 20% to the listed price, to cover the VAT, and that would be your monthly personal lease fee.

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Best Buy

Vauxhall VIVARO LIFE DIESEL1.5 Turbo D 120PS Edition L 5dr

Vauxhall VIVARO LIFE DIESEL1.5 Turbo D 120PS Edition L 5dr

Contract Hire: £249.99 +VAT pcm


9 seat configuration with Aircon

Available in 10 - 12 weeks

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