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Childcare Minibus Leasing

Childcare & Child Minder Minibus

Your new lease minibus in 3 easy steps ...

If you are operating a child care business we have a great range of 7 to 9 seater minibuses that are ideal for this kind of usage. Leasing a new minibus from minibus leasing UK for your child care business will assist you in satisfying any duty of care requirements.

We want to make leasing a minibus as easy as possible for you and MBL Total Care does just that providing:

  • An Insured Leased Vehicle including Third Party Liability and Own Damage Protection (including fire and theft)
  • Glass Damage Protection
  • Maintenance cover - for all your servicing and repairs on your vehicle
  • Breakdown cover - to fix your vehicle or recover it and if necessary provide a replacement vehicle
  • Accident Management - management of your incident from start to finish

Our expert team does all of the hard work for you – the biggest decision you’ll have to make is which minibus to lease – and even then we’ll be with you every step of the way to support this process. Click here to read more about MBL Total Care.


Child Care

The need for Child Care Minibus Leasing has grown as more parents work and require child care. At MinibusLeasingUK we’ve been helping Child Carers get the right minibus for their needs for years. It can be a complex decision. How many seats will you need? What size of minibus? Which manufacturer is best for you? Are there any special needs you need to cater for?

When you first contact us you will get a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you to discuss your needs, create quotes for you and organise the finance and delivery of your new minibus. From the first contact you will be looked after to ensure you make the right decision. See what other customer say about us at MinibusLeasingUk Reviews

Employment Status

Many of our Child Care customers are self-employed which means they need a specific process to follow to get a new minibus. This doesn’t really impact on the kind of minibus you can choose, but it does impact the finance choice you make. You can talk all this through with your dedicated account manager. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to go through it with you. Contact us.

How does child care minibus leasing work?

Leasing is an agreement to use a minibus for a set period of time, for a set mileage. For this you pay an initial payment followed by a number of monthly payments. After which you simply return the minibus. Have more of your questions answered on our FAQ page.

How much is it likely to cost?

There’s a lot of choice in the make and model of minibus you could get. There is also choice in the finance you choose to fund your new child care minibus. Take a look at our offers page for more details.

How does the finance work?

The finance for a minibus is similar to a car and if you haven’t leased a car then it’s also similar to a phone contract. You pay an amount up front which is called an initial payment or initial rental. This is calculated as a multiple of the monthly rental. So if your monthly rental is £250 plus VAT and you initial rental is 6 followed by 35, then your initial payment would be 6 x £250 = £1500. You’ll notice there we’ve got an initial payment followed by monthly payments and these monthly payments varies. You can choose between 23, 35, 47 and 59 monthly payments depending on whether you want the minibus for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. Click here to find out more on the financing of your new child care minibus.

What kinds of minibus are there?

There is a lot of choice:

  • The length of the minibus
  • How many seats to have
  • Which manufacturer do you prefer?
  • What specification do you need?
  • Are there special needs for the passengers?
  • Do you need signwriting?

Click here to read more details on the options available and on the choices of minibus.

Call us on 01491 615516 to discuss you needs for a child care minibus.

Best Buy

Vauxhall VIVARO-E LIFE ELECTRIC 100kW Combi L 50kWh 5dr Auto

Vauxhall VIVARO-E LIFE ELECTRIC 100kW Combi L 50kWh 5dr Auto

Contract Hire: £444.99 +VAT pcm


9 seater with a range of 141 miles

Available in 40 weeks

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