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Driving Safety with any Minibus


Driving Safety with any Minibus

Driving safety is always in the news, whether it's a road closed due to an accident, or a court case going throgh the system. With the amount of vehciles on the roads these days, we all have to be extra careful. With a new minibus that is especially true. When you've lease a new minibus you want to make sure it stays as new as possible for as lng as possible. So here's some safety tips.

  1. Observe what other minibus drivers do. Watch how they take corners, how they behave in queues of traffic and in any other situations that involve other road users.
  2. It's particularly important to consider cyclists. Look waht other minibus drivers do when driving with cyclists nearby. Give cyclists at least a metre clearance if you overtake. If you're driving in the city really choose carefullwhen you will overtake. Often overtaking saves little time and can cause you and th cyclist more stress than it's worth.
  3. When you're new to any vehicle it's a good idea to drive slower than you normally would, at least until you are used to the size and power of your new minibus.
  4. Consider your passengers. You may feel that your driving is comfortable but what about them? Especially if they are nervous passengers.
  5. Take your new minibus out and about when it's quietre on the roads. Maybe later in the evening where you live could give you good practice time.
  6. Go to a big car park when it's quiet and practice parking and maneuvering.

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