How can I configure my leased minibus?

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How can I configure my leased minibus?


How can I configure my leased minibus?

You’ve made the decision to lease a minibus and now our expert team are on hand to help you to configure your minibus to meet your requirements. 

Here are some of the choices you can make when it comes to configuring your minibus.

Sat Nav

Considered a must have by many people, built in sat nav is an addition that can be arranged in all of our minibuses.


If you’ve decided to lease a minibus for your school or business you may be considering adding your branding. Our team can advise you of any terms and conditions attached to your minibus being sign written, some companies for example prefer you to remove any signage before handing the vehicle back at the end of the lease term whilst others will remove for you.  Read more here.

Air conditioning

Whilst most minibuses will have air con in the driver’s area of the minibus, there is an option to add air conditioning to the passenger area which is a popular addition. 


Parking sensors

These are a standard on most minibuses and an extremely helpful addition but some customers like to upgrade to a rear parking camera. 


Seating plans

Many people don’t realise how flexible the seating area of a minibus can be. For example, the Ford Torneo is an example of a minibus that can be configured to have its passengers sitting in rows or facing each other. On some models, one or two seats can be removed to make way for wheelchairs and ramps and lifts can be added. 

With all of the above, our team will be happy to help to ensure your exact needs are met. Contact us today.



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