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Passenger Management

Passenger Management

One of the little spoken about areas of driving a new minibus is passenger management. As a driver you have responsibility for the safety of your passengers. Whilst you don't want to be aggressive there is a need to be clear about safety and the responsibilties of your passengers.

On a recent bus journey the driver positioned it very well. He said 'ladies and genetlemen it is a legal requirement for all passengers to wear a seat belt whilst we are in transit." So he didn't tell them what to do, he just made it very clear about what the law requires.

Giving clear instructions on what to do if they need to attract your attention is important. If you don't want them walking up to you, or climbing over seats, what do you want. Some say something like; "Please pass a message on via your fellow passengers and I can stop at the next suitable and safe place to do so."

You can also make it clear about food and drink on your minibus. Yes it's fun but someone has to clear up the mess. I heard one driver say, "We will be taking regular stops to use the facilities and to enjoy our sandwiches and drinks. I would appreciate it if we could all do the same and not eat or drink on the minibus, as I will have to clean up any mess, which means less time to walk my dogs." A bit of engaging humour to make the point.

However you do it it is important to take control and give clear but gentle instructions on the behaviours that are required from passengers.

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