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Safety inspections for minibuses


Safety inspections for minibuses

If you are using a Minibus for a local education establishment or require an Operators Licence, it may be a requirement from your local authority that your Minibus has additional regular safety inspections.

These are different to your normal daily and weekly checks and are in addition to your MOT inspection. They are a detailed inspection of the vehicle, following which the competent mechanic/engineer certifies that the vehicle will maintain its roadworthiness until the next scheduled safety inspection.

Most schools and colleges are operating their minibuses under the Section 19 permit regime and have obtained their permit from either the Community Transport Association or the office of the Traffic Commissioner and will have signed a S19 permit application form stating that regular safety inspections will be carried out.

The required frequency of these inspections will vary depending on factors including the annual mileage covered. The ‘Guide To Maintaining Roadworthiness’ sets out how often the checks should be done for different types of road transport operation, under differing conditions. However, most school/college minibuses should consider having these checks done at intervals no greater than every ten weeks. 

At Minibus Leasing UK we are one of the few companies that can incorporate these regular safety inspections into your contract. If you would like further advice on this, please call our expert team on 01491 615516 or email


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