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What are the benefits of school minibus leasing?


What are the benefits of school minibus leasing?

The addition of a minibus to a school no doubt brings much excitement with it as it opens up many new activities to the children – sporting fixtures, school trips and educational visits. Many schools task their Parent Teacher Association with a fierce fundraising drive to be able to afford to purchase a Minibus, but leasing is a more flexible way of affording this additional resource.

School minibus leasing is a way of financing a new minibus without having to pay the full price at the start. There is an initial payment and then monthly payments are made until the end of the agreement at which point the vehicle is returned.

Sounds simple? It is but with any financial commitment the decision should not be taken lightly. Here we outline some of the key benefits of school minibus leasing.

School Minibus leasing benefits

Fixed monthly cost for ease of budgeting

You will know exactly what your monthly costs are for the term of the lease. This ensures you are able to budget accurately with no hidden surprises. The costs are fully VAT reclaimable

Low monthly payments as you are not purchasing the vehicle

The payments are evenly spread over the term, usually four or five years, which makes financial planning more predictable.

A full maintenance package, including safety inspections, can be included

This provides peace of mind that the minibus is fully maintained and all of the required safety inspections are included.

Road Fund Licence and breakdown cover included for the duration of the contract

The inclusion of road fund licence again helps budgeting and essential breakdown cover means whatever happens when you are on the road, the driver and occupants of the vehicle will be attended to as soon as possible.

MOT’s included and arranged

Every minibus requires an annual MOT test from the first anniversary of its registration date and our leasing contracts include and arrange these for your convenience.

The MinibusLeasingUK expert team

You are supported 'day-today' by minibus experts covering maintenance, repairs, safety items etc - you do not have to worry about a thing. We are on hand by phone and email during working hours to answer any questions you might have.

Identity and reputation

We can help you with sign writing your minibus with your school logos, straplines and contact details ensuring your school name is well represented. When it comes to the end of your lease you will need to arrange to have these removed, we can offer our advice at this time.  Read more about signwriting your minibus here

Less stress

Ownership can be the cause of unnecessary stress. From the original purchase to the eventual disposal of the vehicle the journey will involve a lot of your time in the running of your minibus. However, with leasing, you leave the administration to us and at the end of the contract, the old minibus will be collected and, hopefully, a new one delivered.

Peace of mind and duty of care

All of the above from fixed costs, to budgeting, maintenance and breakdown ensure full peace of mind. Your school minibus will be brand new and you can rest assured that you are providing the highest quality and safe transport with ‘i’s dotted and t’s crossed’ for your school.

Do you have a general question about school minibus leasing? If so either give our expert team a call on 01491 615516 or refer to our FAQs here

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