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Care Home Minibus Leasing

Care Home Minibus Leasing

Your new lease minibus in 3 easy steps ...

If you’re looking for a care home minibus then we can help. We supply care homes with minibuses of all types. As part of OVL Group Ltd. Minibus Leasing UK has 28 years of significant experience in Minibus leasing in the care sector. Our team have a full understanding of the needs of care homes, child nursery’s and individual child care professionals. We have mature relationships with bespoke conversion company’s enabling us to offer any special needs and wheelchair access requirements. Our team of seasoned professionals can also guide you through all the legislation required in this sector.


Care Homes

When you are running a care home the needs for a minibus can be many and varied, but they all require getting people from A to B. We work with many care homes to make sure they get the right minibus for their needs. This can mean installing a chair lift and stairs, or simply having the right signwriting. Talk to our dedicated account manager who can answer all your questions and help you find the minibus for your situation.

Things to consider when thinking about a care home minibus:

As part of our service we will discuss with you what your new care home minibus will be used for. Here’s some of the questions we’ll discuss.

  1. What will the minibus be used for?
  2. How many seats are needed?
  3. What is the ratio of carers to care home residents that is required to be carried in the minibus?
  4. Will there be a requirement for disabled access either now or possible in the future?
  5. How long will the minibus be needed for?
  6. If you currently are not self-employed or you do operate as a limited company you can lease a minibus on a personal basis. Please refer to our the personal leasing section.

Can Care Home Minibuses be leased?

Yes a Care Home can lease a minibus if they have all the correct status. The application for finance includes the following details:

  • Business status

Check out our application on this website.

What is a Care Home?

A Care Home is any kind of facility which offers varying levels of care. This includes care homes for young people with disabilities, through to care homes for the elderly. A Care Home Minibus is usually leased so that the residents can be taken on trips, or to events.

Some of our Care Home Minibus clients

Click here for some examples of care homes we have helped with their new minibus.

Best Buy

Ford TRANSIT 410 L3 MINIBUS DIESEL RWD 2.0 EcoBlue 165ps H2 15 Seater Trend

Ford TRANSIT 410 L3 MINIBUS DIESEL RWD 2.0 EcoBlue 165ps H2 15 Seater Trend

Contract Hire: £546.99 +VAT pcm


Aircon & Ford SYNC

Available in 20 - 30 weeks

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