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What is the required number of Minibus Drivers?

There is no legal requirement for a second minibus driver. For schools it is recommended that, other than on the shortest journeys, a second trained minibus driver should accompany every teacher driving a minibus. This will help cover emergency situations and prevent tiredness on long journeys. Even on short journeys, a second minibus driver, acting as a supervisor, is likely to be required. Exceptions might be where a teacher is driving a group of post-16 students for a short distance.

If there are two trained minibus drivers available and only one is a teacher, it is recommended that, for short journeys, the non-teacher drives and the teacher supervises. A second minibus driver, acting as supervisor, will help to ensure that passengers are well behaved and that they do not distract the driver and will also assist in the event of any emergency. Insurance policies may also specify a requirement for a supervisor.

It is also recommended that a mobile telephone be carried in all minibuses to cover emergency situations. This must not, however, be used by the driver while driving the vehicle.

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